eTOM: Are there any existing quality management methods you can utilize?

Network planning and design is an iterative process, encompassing topological design, network-synthesis, and network-realization, and is aimed at ensuring that a new telecommunications network or service meets the needs of the subscriber and operator, it also includes the processes and procedures for ensuring quality planning, assurance, and control are all conducted, furthermore, quality standards as part of an effective quality management system (QMS) are the cornerstone for generating high-quality test results.

Likely Network

No single method will provide all of the information required to assess service delivery and multiple methods are re quired to obtain a full picture, your aim is to address the practice of quality within a network so that other organizations can achieve a higher level of performance. As a result, with organization quality control, principles that are likely to influence the end-product include employee performance, data management and customer service.

Even Assurance

For virtual organizations, there may be very little to harmonize, and partners are often selected in large part based on the maturity of QMS, the program can also be applied at a organization, business function (e.g, technology or similar operational area), or even at a project level. Coupled with, simply put, quality assurance is the end-to-end process of monitoring and evaluating the performance of products or services.

Active Part

There are various quality assurance methods out there and for some businesses it happens by chance more than by design, organization quality assurance plan is prepared and implemented for better operations in the laboratories, also, consumers worldwide are turning to dietary supplements as one part of personal goal to lead healthier and more active lives.

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